February Beauty Faves

Oops, I've kind of been a bit MIA in the blogosphere over the past couple of weeks. I've possibly had some of the most emotionally draining few weeks of my life (so far), but I've really been missing my blog! As it was the beginning of March yesterday - how I don't know - I thought I would share some of the things I've been loving recently. I've also tried something new in this post! You may notice on the pictures below that they have writing on... This is my own writing! I wrote onto acetate, scanned it onto my laptop, faffed around for a long time and overlayed them onto my photographs - tell me what you think in the comments! I personally love this more personal touch. The background to my photos is also part of my art project!


Winding Down

I'm lucky when it comes to sleeping.. I sleep like a baby! However, I know a lot of people are no where near as lucky, so today I thought I'd share my top tips for winding down at night! 


10 Things To Do These Holidays

For all of us bloggers still at school, today marks the end of another long half-term (well at least around my area!). I think I speak for everyone when I say it has been very tiring - I could sleep for a week! However, I won't, because unfortunately it's only a week off. I'm going to be a very busy bee these holidays, but for those of you without many plans, here are a few ideas...


All the Neutrals

Hello! I am finally writing an OOTD post on my blog! I was hoping to get some really nice photographs of this outfit, however, time constraints means they are a bit hit-and-miss! I have however managed to show the majority of my outfit off...


Bedroom Inspo

A quick post from me today! If you didn't already guess, I absolutely LOVE interior design - I would love to do be able to do someone's house up for them (on an unlimited budget, of course). Over the next couple of months, I'll have a few bedrooms to do up - and forgetting the circumstances it's under, I can't wait! I have so many ideas, I'll definitely be keeping the blog updated on the process! The photo of Kate Moss I've included has to be one of my absolute favourites of her's too - I need a print of that! 

Find the rest of my Pinterest board, and the sources to all of these photos, here

What would your ideal bedroom be like?
Rachel x



Hello February! I can’t believe January has flown by already! I’ve had a very busy month, with lots of tears (my brother left to go travelling), but my main concern is EXAMS ARE 1 MONTH NEARER. OMG. I really need to get down to business with school work, but first, priorities… Here's my beautiful new watch! 


Top Drugstore Picks

Although January is already coming to an end, I'm sure many people are still feeling the pinch from all the Christmas spending! Therefore I thought it was the perfect time to share my favourite products from the "drugstore" (does anyone else hate how Americanised England is becoming? I have nothing against America... but England wins). I love all of these products, and they're very affordable! 

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