London - Camden Markets & Harry Potter Studio Tour

I'm back with another exciting travel post today... London! Yesterday, I went to Camden Markets and the Harry Potter Studio Tour with my brother! I had bought him tickets for the tour back in May for his 21st birthday, and we finally got round to going... I also thought we'd kill two birds with one stone as I had been dying to visit Camden markets!


Ultimate Salad

Now there's two words not many people would put together... Hello, my name is Rachel and I actually enjoy eating a salad. A few months ago I definitely couldn't have said that, but now they're one of my favourite meals! Not only are they ridiculously good for you, they're also full of flavour and colour, and you can throw pretty much anything in! My 'ultimate' salad basically consists of all my fave vegetables and a few extras, although the 'ultimate ultimate' salad would have included chicken, I'll admit.


First Impressions Face #2

I think I deserve a round of applause for actually continuing a series and getting to post number 2. In my first ‘First Impressions Face’ post, I was looking at Nars Sheer Glow foundation, Nars ‘Laguna’ bronzer and two YSL mascaras… All of which I have been using on an everyday basis since. I think I've got another little gem this time, which is going to be sticking around for a long time! 


Paris: Days Four and Five

Today I am sharing my final two days of my trip to Paris a couple of weeks ago! We had a lovely visit to Montmartre on the Saturday and a trip to the Louvre and surrounding area on the Sunday, before sadly flying home...


Unexpected Surprises

This is a bit of a spur of the moment blogpost today, but I really felt like I needed to share this with my blog... even if no one reads it! Yesterday I was at work, and had planned to go shopping afterwards, when I got a text from my mum directly telling me to come straight home and there was a 'little surprise later'. Of course I did what she said, with absolutely no clue what this surprise could be.


Paris: Day Three

Welcome back to day three of my little trip to Paris! On the Friday we did a lot of walking, and were so tired by the end - but we visited some beautiful places along the way...


Paris: Days One and Two

Hello... Sorry I've been a bit quiet on here over the past few weeks, I've been so busy! The last couple of weeks of half-term were crazy as I had loads of work training, school work and getting ready for Paris! Then last week (half term holidays) I had work, overtime, birthday meals with friends and family and then finally the big day came... PARIS!
I went to Paris for my 16th birthday last October, and was so excited when we booked to go again earlier this year... I fell in love last year, and my love definitely only deepened when I returned on Wednesday!

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